Friday, January 20, 2012

Time goes by fast!

Someone once told me that time can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Once we come to realize when and what it is to us then we are able to calm down and gain more control. The feelings of never having enough time, or spending our time waiting and wondering, Or not worrying about time as we wait for the next big event in our life doesn't seem to matter much when you think about what is the most important. With the latest big event in my life, I am still trying to figure out time. In the mix of trying to figure it all out I get simple peaceful moments where my heart swells up with joy and no matter the time I feel so blessed and thankful for my life and the time that has been given to me, and the time I get with others.

I can't believe he is 7 1/2 Months old! He is a very busy and curious dude. He finally broke his 3rd tooth just today. He brings so much joy to those around him. He especially makes his Mama feel good when he wants to be with her all the time.

I caught him sleeping like this one night. I thought it was so cute because this is how his Dad sleeps. His main position is with his feet in the air. I don't why and how that could ever be comfortable but they will go up and stay like that for awhile.
This was the day he got blessed. So Precious!
I get to hear all the time what a beautiful baby he is, what big blue eyes he has, and.......he looks just like his Dad! I keep trying to find me in there......well I am not that successful but he does have a "Sturdevant Mark" Any of you who have seen my Dad, Lauren, and sometimes Bubba, you notice that Kal has it too. :)
I love him so much and love the joy that he brings to our life. I count down the minutes till I can get off work and meet his happy face. It has been a challenge and everyday is hard, but I get those special moments where I enjoy the time spent with him.

Last but not Least- Baby Stats:

6 month Checkup:

Height: 28" um.... off the charts
weight: 22 lbs.... 95th percentile

I know we got a big boy on our hands. A lot more to Love :)

He is very active and is rolling all over the house now (and in the crib while he sleeps). He has an attention span of about 25 minutes and then gets bored. He loves to give some loven and puts mostly everything in his mouth. He has to be busy while he eat, and occasionally wants his binky. We still get up once during the night and he is a hungry guy. Lastly, he is always kicking!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Baby is a Month Old!

I am not good at blogging. I guess because I don't find it the most important thing to do in my life. I do wish I was a little better because it is fun to look at the blogs. I am so bad at it that my little boy is now a MONTH OLD!
Well..... our little man came to us on June 2nd. The due date was the 31st of May and so he was a little late. I was induced on the 1st at about noon. I was dialated at a 3 still and only 50%. I continued to stay that way for pretty much the whole day. This little boy did not want to come. Around 6 the Dr. came and broke my water and I still stayed the same until about 3 a.m. Finally he was ready to come. I only pushed for maybe about 30 minutes and he was here. at 4:12 a.m. He was 9 lbs 3 oz and was 21 inches long. He came out with his eyes wide open and playing with his tongue. I am so glad that I got induced I couldn't imagine going any more days with a 9 lb baby in me.

This is when we got him ready to go home. He has huge feet and hands.
My sister in-law Tasha does Colorsplash photography and she came over to the house and was so nice to take pictures of the baby. If any of you are interested in having her do pictures for you check out her site at She did such a good job.
There will be more pictures to follow of him one month old :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My new Niece.....And the babes room!

Even though I am not the crafty, artsy, decorator I have had fun finding things and putting things together for the babies room. As I just got bigger and bigger it was starting to get a little harder and I basically said enough.... I think it turned out nice.

The crib and chair were given by Jason's brother and his wife. Thanks for letting us use it, it helped keep the costs down :) (which we like)

I took the dresser from my mom and dad's did it all up!

This is the crib, as soon as we figure out a name my sister is going to make those cute little name letters to go over it. I have a few other wall hangings that I haven't put up yet. Hopefully I will get to it.

I had a family shower last Saturday and I got a lot of great stuff. I feel that I am ready now and he can come if he would like to. I didn't put up any belly shots, I am not sure how I feel about peoples comments on my belly these days. I know I am big......but there is only one little guy in there.

On April 28th i got to meet my new niece Emmy! She came early in the morning at an inconvient time for the everybody to come see her. Early that morning I was able to sneak away and see the the proud parents and the precious babe. I am excited she is here safe and sound.

Kyle and the baby.

Kylee, the babe, and Taryn ( Kylee's Fiancee) For those of you who didn't know, we will get another addition to the Sturdevant Family in August. We love you both!

She is so beautiful! I think that she looks like a Sturdevant... we will see as she gets bigger. Both parents are good looking so she can take after either.

Me (my swollen self) and my new niece :)

The proud Papa! I love seeing Bubba so happy, you can't help but smile. I love my big little brother.